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Those wanting to apply to enter or remain in the UK as the husband, wife or civil partner of a British citizen or someone who is settled here,will need a minimum A1 qualification in English language from SELT approved centre.

Applicants for visas and permission to remain in the UK must meet this requirement, unless they are exempt (see below). The requirement was introduced on 29 November 2010.

You will meet the requirement if you can show that you:

  • are a national of a majority English-speaking country; or
  • have passed an English language test approved by us at the appropriate level.

The exams test the candidates basic knowledge of the English language such as:

  • Ability to give simple information about themselves
  • Ability to give simple description of person/place
  • Numbers
  • Colours
  • Animals
  • Actions (sit, eat, sleep, read)
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