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CCTV Training Course Also known as (Public Space Surveillance Training)

We at Learning Skills provide best CCTV Training courses (Public Space Surveillance ) in our branches.  In this course the student  will have good overview of the main roles and responsibilities of CCTV Operator, CCTV Training provides the detailed knowledge of use of CCTV equipment and you can keep yourself and your customers safe. Students will get the Level 2 Award in CCTV Operations (QCF), by doing this course you will get access to work in the Private Security Industry.

Topics Covered in CCTV Training

The training course will include three main modules :

·         About Private Security Industry and working in it, the salient features and aim of security industry.

·         How to work as CCTV Operator:  Basic understanding of CCTV Systems and effective use of CCTV Systems.

·         How to operate the CCTV Equipment practically:  In this module you will learn the effective and practical lessons of how to operate CCTV systems.

How am I be assessed in CCTV Operator Training?

You will be assessed in both written form, in the form of Multiple Choice Exams and also practically by one of our experienced trainers.  In this exam paper basically there are three main units, and each unit has 20 multiple-choice questions and takes about 30-40 minutes to complete.  In the Unit 3, you will need to show the practical operation of CCTV equipment.

How to Apply for License

To apply for security guard license, the students need to have these pre-requisites :

·         Need to have an identity check and pass the identity check.

·         Need to have a DBS / Pass a criminal records check.

·         Get the recognized CCTV Operations qualification that we can help you to obtain.

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