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Learning Skills Offers classroom training on Driving Theory Course with Voiceover in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Gujrati& English.

Learning Skills also offers classroom training for theory preparation of BUS (PCV) & Large vehicle (LGV)

There are advantages in learning theory on a specific training course….

  • It is lot more interesting and effective than learning on your own.
  • It saves time being allocated to practical sessions.
  • It aids in quick learning and the students find it easy to appear in learning theory test.
  • It is cost effective as theory is clear and pass the test in first time.
  • Intensive courses are also available for those with an urgent need to take the theory

Questions and Answers used for training are also available in with voiceover in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu &Gujrati. These are crown Copyright material reproduced under license from the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Please note that from 7th April 2014 driving test candidates will no longer be able to use foreign Languages voice over and interprets on their test

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